W1S1 [ədˈva:ntıdʒ US ədˈvæn-] n
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: avantage, from avant 'before', from Latin abante; ADVANCE2]
1.) [U and C]
something that helps you to be more successful than others, or the state of having this
≠ ↑disadvantage advantage over
Her experience meant that she had a big advantage over her opponent.
His height gives him an advantage over the other players.
Companies that receive government subsidies have an unfair advantage .
Western countries enjoyed considerable advantages in terms of technology.
Younger workers tend to be at an advantage when applying for jobs.
It might be to your advantage to take a computer course of some kind.
2.) [U and C]
a good or useful quality or condition that something has
advantage of
One of the many advantages of living in New York is that you can eat out at almost any time of day.
The hotel is not very modern, but it does have the advantage of being close to the city centre.
advantage over
The printer has several advantages over conventional printers.
big/great/considerable advantage
The big advantage of this system is that it is fast.
3.) take advantage of sb
to treat someone unfairly in order to get what you want, especially someone who is generous or easily persuaded
Don't lend them the car - they're taking advantage of you!
4.) take advantage of sth (to do sth)
to use a particular situation to do or get what you want
I took advantage of the good weather to paint the shed.
You'll want to take full advantage of the beachfront clubs.
5.) use/turn sth to your/good advantage
to use something that you have or that happens in order to achieve something
How could he turn the situation to his advantage?
Burns used his family connections to good advantage.
6.) show sth to (good/great) advantage
to make the best features of someone or something very noticeable
Her dress showed her tanned skin to great advantage.
7.) advantage sb
used in tennis to show that the person named has won the next point after the score was 40-40
COLLOCATES for sense 1
have an advantage
give somebody an advantage
big/great/major/distinct advantage
unfair advantage
enjoy an advantage (=have an advantage)
be at an advantage (=have an advantage)
be to your advantage/work to your advantage (=something gives you an advantage)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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